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9.To begin clearing, press the soft touch key on the top right of the scan tool. The scan tool will display "Clearing Radio Theft in Progress.". 10.Press "EXIT" on the scan tool and cycle the ignition. NOTE: 1 The radio theft will learn the VIN. Without learning the VIN, the radio will display a locked.
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22 people found this helpful. Put the key to the front for at least 30 minutes or until light anti theft turns off then turn the key back and start the engine and it should start. 10 people found this helpful. I'm having the same problem but I heard by resetting the computer should do it don't know how true that is.

It has the potential to reset or disable the anti-theft system. Since the anti-theft device believes someone is attempting to steal the vehicle, the engine can crank but not start. To fix the issue, you can need to perform a special relearn procedure or reprogram the anti-theft device with a factory scan tool. The Climate Control module is.
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  • 2022. 4. 1. · It's been at the dealer for a week. They still can't find the problem they say it has no codes. So my question is can it be the anti-theft device they making my car stall on its own.44 people found this helpful.Mark helpful2,040. Report; GuruYMKHJ answered 3 years ago. I had a 2016 Chevy impala an the theft deterrent system came on.
  • I need to reset the anti theft system in my 2016 silverado. i did some body repairs and it triggered it. Z71. ... 2005 colorado was flipped over unto its drivers side, ... i have a 2005 chevy malibu. anti-theft light is on and my car won's start. what can i do? i have tried spare key, ...
  • Relearn Procedure for Models Equipped with Keyless Entry: Inflate all tires to the pressure listed on the placard. Turn ignition to the ON/RUN position with the engine OFF (not the ACC position). Using the keyless entry (key fob), press and hold the lock and the unlock buttons simultaneously until the horn sounds.
  • Before replacing any parts you want to reset your ECM to ensure that part replacements are absolutely necessary. There are a few ways to reset your Engine control modules . One way is by disconnecting the battery cable for 2 to 3 minutes and waiting to see if the check engine light comes back on upon reconnecting the battery and start the car.